Pinthaliya Suwa Arana

“Pinthaliya Suwa Arana” is a place used for traditional ancestral and natural treatments using natural medicinal ingredients. We the members of “ Pinthaliya Suwa Arana” follows long term and short term above mentioned medical treatments under expert medical supervision. Also you can experience Sri Lankan Traditional medicine and valuable instructions.

The Native Land of Sri Lankan Ayurveda

We would like to inform you with a great pleasure, that the newest and excellent Ayurvedic Treatment Center as “Pinthaliya Suwa Arana”. Our existing Ayurvedic Spa will be expanded with the newest traditional concepts to a “Pinthaliya Suwa Arana” which will make our guests lucky to enjoy the real relaxation of a unique experience through traditional Sri Lankan methodology for rest, relaxation and health. It may consists with comfortable facilities and a great service of a well experienced Ayurvedic Doctor, Ayurvedic therapists. Pinthaliya Suwa Arana also going to be developed according to the green, traditional concepts combined with the traditional and conventional Sri Lankan methodology and medicines.

  •   All treatments are done and observed under Ayurvedic Doctor

  •   Each and every treatment will be processed under an expert medical supervision.

  •   You can purchase “Pinthaliya” branded medicines from our pharmacy outlet.

  •   80% of the ingredients used for treatments are Ayurvedic crops plucked from our Ayurvedic gardens

Spa & Relax
Spa & Relax
Spa & Relax
Spa & Relax


We here by follows, Ayurvede methods of treatments than a regular spa and our concern is to heal you through nature. (Using natural and herbal ingredients). Some of our services provided are mentioned below.

  •   Herbal therapy Spa and Panchakarma treatments

  •   Meditation and Yoga training

  •   Special nature friendly programme for obesity control

  •   Open air recreation facilities for health care development (with foot path thought Ayurveda medicinal plants forest

  •   Treatments with “Panchakarma Maha Bootha” concept and separate lodging facilities for clients.

  •   Farm gate Eco-Tourist promotional housing facilities with Herbal valued organic food.

  •   Research and Consultancy

  •   Prevention based indigenous Medical Practice

  •   Herbal plants nursery and stall